Cooperation Partners

We are pleased to work with Cooperation Partners on a local and national level.
Below you will find further information about these organizations.








ABSOLVENTA is a special job market for students, graduates and young professionals. Students can find an internship or work-study job, graduates can enter their field through a trainee program, and young professionals apply for jobs that promise new challenges. Along with actively searching for job offers, candidates can also be easily found by employers by their ABSOLVENTA profile.




With far over 800 local committees in 107 countries AIESEC is the largest international student organization. In Germany, AIESEC is represented at more than 50 universities and technical colleges. Since its foundation 1948, AIESEC pursues a clear goal: the education of responsible young people, who today and in their future leading positions will make a positive contribution to the formation of the society.



Alumniportal Deutschland

The Alumniportal Germany is a free social network that is financed by the German Federal Government. It offers people who have studied, conducted research, worked or furthered their education in Germany the possibility to secure and expand their competences and contacts and to use it for their personal and professional development.



Chinaforum Bayern e.V.

The Chinaforum Bavaria is a public-spirited society with seat in Munich, that was established 2003.

As a strong network in the German Chinese Community, we are a competent contact point regarding the subject of China. We regularly arrange public seminars and presentations to current China subjects. Our practice training „China Manager IHK and the entrepreneur breakfast „Chinaforum Breakfast Club“ are among the most established China events in Bavaria.



China-Kompetenzzentrum Düsseldorf

China Kompetenzzentrum in Düsseldorf is a partnership project of the Wirtschaftsförderung Düsseldorf, the IHK Düsseldorf and the Exhibition Düsseldorf.

We provide a comprehensive care for Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs that want to become active in Düsseldorf. Nevertheless we also advise businesses from Düsseldorf, that would like to expand to China.



Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Göttingen

Göttingen is a famous university city in the centre of Germany. The society of the Chinese students and scientist in Göttingen strives to promote the exchange in the cultural and educational sphere between Germany and China. Each year different events are organized by the society of the Chinese students and scientist in Göttingen, like the Chinese New Year festival, welcoming party, scientific seminars, tandem party.



Chinese Development Initiative Hannover e. V.

The Chinese Scientists and Students Association in Darmstadt (abbr.: VCWSD) is a student’s organisation, which is chosen by chinese scientists and students and repersents the interests of students. Our association are committed to promote the integration of chinese students in german society and culture and promote scientific cooperation between TU-Darmstadt and chinese organizations.


Chinesische Vereinigung Konstanz   

Chinese Union Konstanz e.V.

The Chinese Union Konstanz e. V. is the largest Chinese society in the region of Lake Constance. Members of the union are students from the University of Constance and the HTWG Constance, as well as other Chinese and Chinese student in Constance, Singing and from other surrounding cities and even from the Swiss zones.

CVK Forum



Association of Chinese Academics in Frankfurt




The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest worldwide organization promoting the international exchange of students and scientists. Since its foundation in 1925, the DAAD supported over 1.5 million academicians in the inland and foreign countries. It is run as a society of the German universities and student bodies. Its activity goes far beyond the awarding of scholarships: the DAAD promotes the internationality of the German universities, strengthens the German language and literature and German language abroad, supports developing countries in the construction of efficient universities and advises the decision makers in culture politics, development politics and education politics.



Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA)

Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA), registered as Gemeinschaft Chinesischer Chemiker und Chemieingenieure in Deutschland e.V. (GCCCD),VR 17428, Cologne, is a non-profit Chinese academic organization of chemistry, chemical engineering and related fields, which composes of members who have experience of studying and working in Germany. The essential goal of CGCA is to promote the academic exchange among its members, as well as to promote cooperation between Chinese and German academic and industrial institutions in chemistry and related fields.



Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Braunschweig

The society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Braunschweig is a non-profit organization registered at the TU Braunschweig an is politically independent and not religious, the members work on a honorary basis.
The target group of the society is located in the region of Braunschweig (including Wolfsburg, Wolfenbüttel and Salzgitter) and includes living and working student and scientist, currently about 500 people. The society is one of the largest organizations of Chinese scientists and student.



German-Asian Business Circle

The DAW (German-Asian Business Circle e. V.) was established in 1995 by Bodo Krüger, president and honorarium general consul of Nepal and has developed since then into one of the most influential economy clubs with regard to Asia. It is a network out of more than 1,900 businesses and institutions, which has the goal of mediating friendships between the countries of Asia and Germany and to build bridges between the cultures.
The DAW helps its member businesses to realize projects in Asia, to make necessary contacts and to prepare feasibility studies. In the reversed sense, these services are also offered to Asian firms in Germany.


Erich-Paulun Institut   


The Erich-Paulun-Institut was founded in 2013 by the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) in Cologne in order to merge culture with business while promoting cooperation with China. Some of the ways in which this is accomplished are events for students learning Chinese (China@School), the encouragement to establish German-Chinese student clubs at colleges, and presentations about past and current cultural and economic ties between Germany and China:



GDFC Düsseldorf

The GDCF Düsseldorf e.V. is part of the GDCF-Network, which has branches all over Germany. Communication and friendship between Germans and Chinese people and the development of cultural, political and economical relations are our targets. The GDFC Düsseldorf e.V. does not belong to a political party or organization and set value on not having any prejudices when talking about China. Learn something about the real China.Our membership consists of different groups of age: pensioners, committed housewives and motivated students. Half part is German, half part is Chinese. The GDCF Düsseldorf is a non-profit organization, where people who are interested in China came together. For more information:




Karriere-Lounge.DE is a job and career platform for (m/f) school-leavers, students, interns, graduates, management trainees, bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates, graduands, young professionals, professionals and top executives as well as experienced professionals. The job and career portal sees itself in the object, to act as an interface between career offers of powerful companies as well as job seeking candidates and to bring both sides the shortest way together.


konfuzius Freiburg   

Konfucius Institute of the Freiburg University

The Confucius Institute at the Universität Freiburg is a registered, non-profit society founded in 2009 in cooperation with the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, the Confucius Institute headquarters in Beijing and the City of Freiburg with the objective of strengthening the educational, cultural, economic and scientific cooperation between China and Germany, to support and promote the development of Chinese language instruction, and to improve mutual understanding between the citizens of China and Germany. The Chinese partner of the Institute is Nanjing University.



Konfucius-Institute Nürnberg-Erlangen

We are one of more than 300 institutes worldwide and like the German Goethe institute, we see ourselves as national mediator of the Chinese culture and language.
We are a registered society with the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) and the Foreign Language University Beijing (BFSU) as a supporter. Our foundation members are among others the three cities of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen. We are also supported by our board of trustees, including important personalities from politics, economy and science.



Konfuzius-Institut Trier

The Confucius Institute at the Universität Freiburg is a registered, non-profit society founded in 2009 in cooperation with the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, the Confucius Institute headquarters in Beijing and the City of Freiburg with the objective of strengthening the educational, cultural, economic and scientific cooperation between China and Germany, to support and promote the development of Chinese language instruction, and to improve mutual understanding between the citizens of China and Germany. The Chinese partner of the Institute is Nanjing University.
The various linguistic and cultural courses are open to anybody who is interested. The Chinese courses for beginners and intermediate students of all ages and language levels make up the core of our services. Furthermore, it is possible to take all internationally recognized Chinese language exams.



Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

As the capital of the most populous state in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is an attractive location for investors and investments. Located in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf is an ideal location to connect to the German and European market. 155 million people inhabit a perimeter of 500 km, and you reach 31% of the population of the EU and 50% of the purchasing power of the EU as well.



Nanjing University Alumni Association in Germany (NJUAAG) e.V.

The Nanjing University Alumni Association in Germany (Nanjing Daxue) has already grown into the largest European alumni association in China and is also the most active and influential. It made former Chinese ambassador to Germany and alumnus Ma Canrong president emeritus, and counts other highly decorated individuals among its members, including former President of the Universität Tübingen Prof. Schaich, Chinese ambassador to Germany Liu Jinghui and many others, thereby setting the foundation for high-quality communication. The members are mainly German exchange students who studied at the Nanda. The alumni association is thus a pioneer in communication and cooperation between Germany and China, and performs great work in promoting the friendship between the two countries.



Technical Companionship of the Chinese-German Automotive Indstry

The Technical Companionship of the Chinese Germans Automotive Industry (TG-CDA), was established in 2009 in Wolfsburg and is a technical society for all Chinese talents of the next generation in the automotive industry in Germany. The members are essentially young people e.g. Chinese students and scientist from German institutes and universities as well as young engineers from the automotive industry. Since the foundation of the partnership, several specialist presentations as well as exchange activities were successfully organized.



With more than 270.000 users, Uniturm is Germany's largest knowledge network for students. Young academics are offered the possibility to exchange study notes, scripts and abstracts completely free of charge, making it possible to collectively prepare for exams. These users are rewarded points for their activity, which can then be exchanged for prizes. Useful tips and advice on how to organise and finance their academic studies as well as on University life in general can be found in the large magazine section.



University of Wuppertal Chinese Student Union

The University of Wuppertal Chinese Student Union was established to assist Chinese exchange students in Wuppertal. It ensures that these students feel at home abroad and supports fellow students looking for help. We are a considerate team that uses its collective strength to resolve students' problems and to enhance their lives, expand their perspective and promote communication.



Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Aachen

The Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Aachen - the VCWSA - is a group of Chinese scholars and students. Our objectives are supporting and advising new and current students in Aachen by providing them with up-to-date information about their studies and job openings, both for the Technische Hochschule as well as the Fachhochschule. We also organize various events such as excursions, spring festivals, informational presentations, etc.


VCSW Mai   

Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Mainz e.V. (VCSWM)

The VCSW Mainz e. V. was established in the 80s. It consists of Chinese scientists and students as well as Chinese, that live and work in Germany. Since 2008 it has become officially a registered society and acknowledged by the university group of the University of Mainz. There is a lively collaboration between the society and the other university groups.



The International Student

The International Student Council (ISR) is an independent international student representative body at University Bielefeld. ISR works with university administration and AStA, advocating for interests and needs of international students. Our aims Endorse an environment conducive to educational and personal development of international students. advocacy for concerns and interest of international students provide platform for cross-culture interaction Facilitate network building among international students



Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Berlin   

Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Berlin

The Association of Chinese Students an Scholars in Berlin, which was established specially for Chinese students at the FU, aims to help all Chinese students to adapt  better to life in Germany and to orientate themselves. The general activities exist therein: information about the courses of study, social networks and career chances; organize many events, in order to ease the exertions of the study and to develop mutually; to reinforce integration into other national cultures and the exchange of knowledge, in order to expand their way of looking at things.



Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Freiburg

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Freiburg, known as the "Freiburg Society", is a non-profit organization of Chinese exchange students from the Freiburg area, and its history dates back 30 years. It receives support from the Office of Education of the Chinese embassy in Frankfurt and the International Office of the Freiburger Universität; it is open-minded, democratic and progressive, and helps Chinese citizens in Freiburg acquaint themselves with their undecided studies and work. Together, society and student look for an opportunity to advance their studies and themselves, and the society strives to enrich the free time of Chinese citizens living in Freiburg, simultaneously promoting communication between Chinese citizens themselves and the German community. The society supports the cooperation and exchange between Freiburg and China, and thus serves the local community and establishes a home for Chinese citizens.
Forum VCWS-Freiburg



Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) was established in 1975 and registered in 1976 as a nonprofit and public welfare association in Munich Supreme Court, Germany. Our mission is to take an effective guide role through supporting the Chinese students and scholars' development in academic, cultural, and social aspects with a broad and general approach. In strengthening Chinese-German ties, simultaneously, we focus on promoting the professional development of Chinese students and scholars in Munich through providing a supportive media platform that enhance a mutual and multi-dimensional understanding between both regions. To be recognized as an active, trustworthy and respected link to enterprises, government and other institutions in both China and Germany is the goal that pursuing by each of our team member. From the day of founding, we emphasize our role as a catalyst to enhance Chinese students and scholars' engagement and encourage the local support from existing German organizations. CSSA regularly conducted ample activities including welcoming orientation, job fairs, workshops, parties as well as competitive sports that aim to enrich individual's life in Munich.


Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Düsseldorf e.V.   

Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Düsseldorf e.V.

The Association of Chinese Scholars and Students in Düsseldorf e.V. was established in the '90s and has been incorporated into the register of associations by the District Court of Düsseldorf since 2009. The association is recognized as a non-profit association and relies on endorsements and funding. The goal of the association is to promote cultural integration, science and student assistance, which is facilitated by the variety of cultural and athletic events, exhibits, seminars and presentations.



Society of Chinese Students in Cologne

We strive to unite as many Chinese students as possible here in Cologne, so that they can meet and also help each other. Our goal is to inform students about the life here in Cologne, so that it becomes easier for them to manage their everyday life in Cologne. Through our events, we want to promote not only the cultural exchange between China and Germany, but rather want to offer the Chinese students an informal atmosphere on the one hand and promote on the other hand their entrance into the German society.



Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Leipzig e.V.

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars Leipzig e. V. (VCSWL) is a volunteer association, that was established by Chinese students and academics in Leipzig. It is registered at the district court in Leipzig and registered at the Chinese embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Mannheim e.V. (VCSW-Ma-Lu)

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Mannheim e. V. consists of an affiliation of Chinese scientists and student from Mannheim. The goals of the society is a multifaceted support and promotion of the Chinese scientists and students in Mannheim. With support from the Chinese embassy in Germany, the society always strives to maintain a good relation between domestic Germans and Chinese, to expand the friendship and to overcome cultural barriers.




Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Jena e.V.

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Jena is a non-profit organisation and therefore has a tax exemption according to the law, since it pursues exclusively and directly a public-spirited purposes. The purposes of the society is the support of the cultural exchange between the Chinese that live in Jena, the Germans and people from other cultures, that are interested in the Chinese culture and want to support a peaceful living together of all different cultures in Jena.




Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Kiel e.V.

For your first steps in Germany, we offer the following services and information: health insurance, finding a flat, registration, visa extension and study consultation.



Society of Chinese Scholars and Students in Hanover e.V.

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Hanover e. V.  was established in 1988 and consists of an affiliation of Chinese scientists and students from Hanover. Basically the society directs itself to the more than 1000 Chinese academics – registerd students, guest scientist and language student – at the Hanoverian universities and educational institutes.



Society of Chinese Scholars and Students in Marburg

The Society of Chinese Students and Scholars in Marburg was established 20 years ago. As a group for Chinese people, the society takes care of the Chinese students and scientist and promotes the cultural exchange between Germany and China. Through many different events, the society receives an exceptional recognition from the university city of Marburg. - Die Online-Jobbörse für Deutschlands Mittelstand - Die Online-Jobbörse für Deutschlands Mittelstand

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